Do you love cake? Do you love comedy? Do you love free stuff on Sunday afternoons? 

Of course you do, because you are awesome! Now we have combined those 3 things together, just for you, you amazing human that you are! Sometimes you don’t have to choose and life is ‘A Piece of Cake!’

This is a lovely show that’s all about being nice, having a nice time and enjoying nice things! 

We will spoil you with a marvelous line up that will make you laugh till you feel all warm and fuzzy inside:

– Ian Lane
Anne Klein
– Jon Long
– Helen Bauer
– Aidan Goatley
– Bisha K Ali

Stand up comedy with Anne KLEIN

Hosted by Lisanne Fridsma

Please come along and enjoy free homemade cakes, watch some great comedy, drink a cup of tea and feel free to show off your woolly socks (mmm… comfy!).

Free tickets available on the door,
or guarantee a seat by buying a ticket on

P.S. Socks are not included, but please wear your favourite pair!

* There will be a gluten free option, but however much we’d love to we can’t accommodate for all food allergies. So if you have an allergy, please feel free to bring your own cake!

Anne Klein

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